About Us

QWI Investments Ltd (QWI) is a company listed on the Main Market of the Jamaican Stock exchange since September 2019. A subsidiary of the Jamaican Teas Group, QWI was incorporated as an investment company in 2018 and acquired the investment portfolio previously owned by KIW International Ltd and Jamaican Teas Ltd (JTL) in 2019.
The Company started with an equity base of approximately $600 million prior to the offer of shares to the public and raised more than $1 billion Jamaican dollars in new equity. At the end of its financial year to September 2020 QWI has equity of $1.4 billion.
QWI’s business model primarily involves the holding of the tradable securities locally and in the overseas markets and currently holds stocks listed on the Jamaican, US and Trinidad and Tobago stock exchanges.
The largest shareholders in QWI are Jamaican Teas and KIW International with more than 35%.
How Investments are Done
An investment committee assisted by brokers particularly in the US market monitors the markets and make investments decisions on a regular basis based on pertinent information.
All back office functions, including the maintenance of the Company’s Accounting Records, Securities Accounting, Bank Records, Payments and Receipts, Secretarial and Compliance Activities are performed by Jamaican Teas, pursuant to an Administrative Management Agreement between the companies.

QWI’s business model primarily involves the holding of the tradable securities locally and in the overseas markets.

We see ourselves as a forward looking company of passionate investment practitioners with the relevant experience to match.


Why choose us


QWI  will remove the stress and hassle from investing. We are opening the doors to the investment world and allowing average and seasoned investors to benefit from a team of experts with the know-how for stock selection and portfolio diversification, without having to do the research or speculate.


Breaking New

Our team is skilled in investing locally and overseas, and with expertise in investment, business, manufacturing and real estate, we will break new ground on several levels in the field.

Maximum Returns

Our team of experts will bring greater value to the business of investing. We constantly monitor markets and conduct research to identify some of the best investment opportunities on a timely basis. Our track record speaks for itself  – our portfolio of investments in the Jamaican market has grown 30%+ for the period January to June 2019.

Our mission

  • To provide a wide variety of investors with the opportunity to own a diversified portfolio of investments, thereby spreading their investment risk.
  • To deliver above average returns over the short to medium term, by seeking out undervalued assets that will deliver above average returns.
  • Pooling management resources and investors’ savings to maximize shareholder returns.


Our experience

Financial Services 100✔
Investment Services 100✔
Consumer Products 100✔
Manufacturing 100✔

Our team

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